Free Wine: Event Pricing and How We Save You Money

According to the US Census, the average age of brides is 27 and grooms is 29. That means the bread and butter of the wedding business are millennials. I am a millennial and I fit the millennial stereotype for the most part. I am technologically savvy, I like things my way and I want thing right when I want them. So, I understand the desire to have all wedding and event vendors posting their prices on the website. 

That being said Saving the Date does not post prices online. Why you might ask. It is because Saving the Date does not have set packages. You read that right. We do not have set prices. Every time I meet with a client and send off a proposal I sit down and write a new proposal and pricing structure from scratch. Sure, this is a lot more work for Saving the Date and our planners, but it is because of several reasons:

1. You are unique.

I have done over 200 events and I would be willing to bet that you and your wedding or event are significantly different than every client and event I have had. 

2. We want to save you money. 

Saving the Date was created with two missions to save you stress and save you money. If we had set packages, I might provide a service that you may or may not need. If you have already found the most amazing venue to host your wedding or event something tells me that you would not be very happy if I charged you a venue finding fee. What about addressing your invites!? those can run up to $10 per invite – I have had past clients whose calligraphy skills are stellar and there simply was no reason for them to spend their hard-earned money on something they can provide all on their own. 

3. Saving the Date wants to serve you and just you.

We strive to make you feel like you are our one and only client. We are not some one size fits all company. We are YOUR Company. In fact, when you become our client you can ditch the Saving the Date name and change it you [your name]’s Personal Event Planning Company.  

So, with all this talk I am sure you are thinking, “Excuse me, where is the free wine!?” In order to best serve you, we like to sit down with our potential clients at a swanky little wine bar and learn about you, learn about your engagement story, learn about what is important to you, learn about how you want to make your guest feel, and learn about how you want to spend your money.

Whether you are on the fence about hiring a wedding planner or coordinator I would encourage you to reach out to Saving the Date and allow us to see if we will be a great fit. You have nothing to lose, and a free glass of wine to gain!